Liquid Fertilizer

Custom liquid fertilizers offer an effective solution for meeting the specific nutrient requirements of diverse crops. However, before proceeding, it is advisable to conduct preliminary analysis.

Formula Products Making Process:

Incoming Formula

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Bulk Production

Our team has made remarkable progress in creating liquid formulations that deliver nutrition in a soluble state. This allows plants to efficiently absorb and utilize these nutrients, ultimately leading to maximum growth and productivity. Additionally, our liquid formulations are designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of irrigation systems, ensuring easy application and broad availability. We strive to create custom solutions taking into account soil composition, crop nutrient requirements and environmental factors. Through continuous research and innovation, we maintain our leadership in the field of fertilizer formulation, providing customers with reliable and efficient products.

Package Confirm:

At G-Teck, we recognize the importance of adaptability and ease of use in packaging options. Therefore, we offer a variety of customized packaging options to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our liquid pack sizes range from smaller quantities like 250ml/500ml/1L/5L/10L/20L/200L/Super Pack,etc. This ensures farmers have the power to choose the quantity that best suits their specific operational needs.

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Detail Showing:

In order to maintain the integrity of the packaging, we have implemented a bonnet design for organic liquid products. This prevents the development of gas and ensures that the packaging remains in top condition.


Some typical cases of organic fertilizer liquid:

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Free Amino acid Liquid

detail1 (2)

Seaweed Extract Liquid

detail1 (3)

Seaweed Extract High Content Liquid

detail1 (4)

Fish Protein Liquid

detail1 (5)

Soy Protein 8-0-0 Liquid

detail1 (6)

Chitosan Calcium Liquid

detail1 (7)

Chitosan Pro Liquid