Ocean Biostimulant

Agriculture experts are always focus on ocean biostimulants, as the source are give by god. They can be always used and reburn. G-Teck Ocean biostimulants mainly focus on seaweed and chitin related material. Seaweed extracts have the advantages of being rich in nutrients, promoting plant growth, increasing plant stress resistance, improving soil quality, and being environmentally friendly. This makes seaweed extract a popular fertilizer choice to help crops grow healthily, improving yield and quality. Chitin materials, including chitosan polymer and chitosan oligosaccharides, have the advantages of stimulating plant growth, increasing plant disease resistance, promoting nutrient absorption, improving soil quality, and being environmentally friendly. These characteristics make them an ideal organic fertilizer choice to help plants increase yield and resistance while protecting the soil and the environment.

  • Seaweed Extract – Seaweed Solution For Plants

    Seaweed Extract – Seaweed Solution For Plants

    The product is 100% water-soluble and is primarily extracted from ascophyllum nodosum. Contains a variety of balanced nutrients. It can be applied as a foliar application or by irrigation to provide nutrient support, prevent or correct potassium nutrient deficiencies that may limit growth and yield, and improve crop quality, Works with a variety of crops including conventional, organic, turf, and more. Long-term use is recommended as it is a stable source of nutrients for plants and soil microbes. Also helps soil store air and moisture for longer.

  • Seaweed Extract – Seaweed Extract Powder For Plants

    Seaweed Extract – Seaweed Extract Powder For Plants

    The product is water soluble that is mainly derived from ascophyllum nodosum. the production used internationally advanced secondary low-temperature directional enzymatic hydrolysis technology, membrane filtration and natural anti-corrosion technology are used to extract seaweed and natural active substances that can be directly absorbed by the crops, including: small molecule active oligosaccharides ( ≤2000Da), natural free amino acids, phenolic polymers, mannitol, betaine, vitamins, natural minerals and natural plant growth regulators, etc., are the ideal core raw materials for pollution-free, green and organic food recognized by the world.

  • Chitosan Agriculture Products: Chitosan Polymer

    Chitosan Agriculture Products: Chitosan Polymer

    Chitosan polymer with a deacetylation rate of 90% is a powerful multifunctional product with a wide range of applications. This high-quality chitosan polymer is extracted and refined from the shells of shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans to ensure a 90% deacetylation rate, which means it is free of impurities and safe to use.

  • Natural Fungicide: ChitosanPro

    Natural Fungicide: ChitosanPro

    ChitosanPro is a highly regarded agricultural water-soluble powder. Its production process adopts advanced enzymatic hydrolysis technology, and its molecular weight is as low as 221DA, ensuring easy absorption by crops. As a microbial agent, it is specifically designed for the effective control of plant pathogens. These products are formulated on the principles of natural sieving and often contain beneficial microorganisms found in soil. These microorganisms effectively prevent the growth of harmful bacteria through multiple mechanisms, including competitive nutrition, parasitism, secretion of beneficial metabolites, and stimulation of plant resistance.

  • Chitosan Oligosaccharide Agriculture Organic Fertilizer

    Chitosan Oligosaccharide Agriculture Organic Fertilizer

    Chitosan oligosaccharide is an oligosaccharide product with a degree of polymerization between 2 and 20 obtained by degrading chitosan by a special biological enzyme technology, with a molecular weight of ≤3000Da. It is a low molecular weight product with good water solubility, great functional effects and high biological activity. It is fully soluble in water, easy to absorb and utilized by organisms.

    It is stable, safe, non-toxic, non-stimulant and easily deliquesce.