Fish Protein Hydrolysate Fertilizer – Organic Fish Fertilizer For Plants

Fish protein water-soluble fertilizers are rich in organic, it contains fish protein, oligopeptides, free amino acids, and biological polysaccharides. They are mostly used in cash crops, such as sugar oranges, navel oranges, dragon fruit and other fruits, and are top dressed during the planting process.

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Fish protein hydrolysate protein fertilizer is rich in essential amino acids and organic nutrients, making it the ultimate solution for promoting healthy plant growth. Fish protein contains 75% oligopeptides and 35% free amino acids, organic nitrogen above 12%.  giving plants the potent blend of nutrient. it is carefully processed using innovative technology that breaks down proteins into smaller oligopeptides and amino acids. These readily absorbed molecules promote rapid plant growth and increased yield. With an organic nitrogen content of 12%, this fertilizer provides ongoing essential nutrients for strong leaf and stem development.

Fish protein is easy to use, just add it to the soil or mix with water for a foliar spray. The organic nature of the fertilizer ensures that even when applied in high concentrations there is no risk of burning or damaging the plants. You can use fish protein on all types of plants, from vegetables and fruits to flowers and trees.It is the perfect solution for plant lovers who want to provide their plants with quality organic nutrition. It is easy to use, highly effective and promotes healthy plant growth. Don't settle for traditional fertilizers full of chemicals and synthetic nutrients - choose fish protein and give plants the natural nutrition they deserve.

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Hydrolyzed fish protein water-soluble fertilizers are rich in organic nutrients, including oligopeptides and amino acids in free form. These fertilizers are very beneficial for high value crops like sugar orange, navel orange, dragon fruit, strawberry, blueberry, banana tree and durian. By using these fertilizers in their cultivation, farmers can promote the growth and development of these precious fruits.

It improves soil compaction and maintains soil fertility. It promotes root development, photosynthesis, plant growth and flower bud differentiation. When applied to fruit trees, it enhances leaf color, reduces disease, and minimizes flower and fruit drop. When ripe, the fruit is usually of better quality, shape, sweetness and yield than the unfertilized tree. It is also an environmentally friendly and pollution-free nutritional fertilizer.

Hydrolyzed fish protein has several benefits for fruit trees. It is beneficial to prevent and control diseases and insect pests, strengthen seedlings, and enhance heat resistance. In terms of stress resistance, it contains unsaturated fatty acids and functional factors that improve crop frost resistance, nutrient absorption, and cold resistance.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is this product totally organic?
Yes, It's total organic. It is recommended for organic farming input material. Also, it can be applied with organic certifications. Since the whole production process is a pure enzymatic process. It contains protein, peptide and free amino acids.

2. Can we use it as organic nitrogen?
Indeed, it could be used as organic nitrogen. But if only used as organic nitrogen is a kind of waste, because organic nitrogen is one of the most important contents of fish protein. Meanwhile, it contains peptide and free amino acids that have the function of chelation with other elements. Mixing with other kinds of nutrients is suggested for further use.

3. How about the production capacity?
300~500 Mt per month.

4.Can fish protein used in feeding addictive?
Yes! it's full of nutrients:
Fish protein water-soluble fertilizers are rich in organic, it contains fish protein, polypeptides, free amino acids, and biological polysaccharides. Feed additives: the general addition amount is 30-100 kg/ton; Aquaculture: use 225-450kg per ha of water surface, about 3-5g/m3



Fish protein fertilizer is suitable for various crops such as fruit trees, melons, vegetables, garlic, ginger and green onions. However, due to the extremely unstable temperature during the transition period between winter and spring in the north, some crops often begin to germinate in early spring. In order to ensure the yield, farmers should spray some fish protein water-soluble fertilizers in an appropriate amount before the crops bloom, which can effectively reduce crop deformities. At the same time, it helps crops to reduce the phenomenon of falling flowers caused by drastic changes in temperature and can improve the uniformity of fruit during the fruit expansion period, promote expansion and increase yield.
Flush fertilization and foliar fertilizer: the main material addition amount is 50-200 kg/ton, and the auxiliary material addition amount is 5-10 kg/ton.

Compound (mixed) fertilizer, elemental fertilizer, biological fertilizer: the addition amount is 5-10 kg/ton.

Drip irrigation:
Foliar spray:1: 2000-3000, 450~600 g/ha.
Root irrigation and drip irrigation:1: 1000-3000, 6-7.5 kg/ha.
Seeds & Feeds & Breeding
Seed dressing: 0.5g/kg of seeds.
Seed soaking: 1: 600-800 times.
Feed additives: the general addition amount is 30-100 kg/ton.
Aquaculture: 225-750kg/ha of water surface, 3-5g/m3

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage Available in 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg bag or 600Kg Jumbo bag
Storage: Dry, cool, direct sun light proof, moisture proof warehouse.
Shelf life: 36 months.

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