Amino Acid Chelate Trace Elements (AminoTE)

The product is obtained from the hydrolyzed protein. containing free amino acids above 25%, 100% water soluble. it contains plants medium elements / micro elements (including Fe,Cu,B,Zn,Mn and so on) as amino acid chelated form. Meanwhile, trace elements could be modified into other kinds of medium elements ( Ca, Mg, S) , Micro elements( Fe,Cu,B,Zn,Mn, Mo) or other necessary elements(Si, Se, etc.)

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AminoTE is an advanced plant supplement that revolutionizes plant nutrition by combining the power of amino acids and trace elements 10% in amino acid chelated form. AminoTE provides a comprehensive solution for improving plant growth, increasing crop yields and promoting overall plant health.

AminoTE provide sufficient nutrients for plant health. In addition, trace elements, iron, copper, boron, zinc and manganese are essential for plant growth, but their availability in soil may be limited. AminoTE solves this problem by providing these trace elements in chelated form, making them easily absorbed and utilized by plants.

AminoTE provides a highly effective plant supplement that promotes optimal plant growth and development. AminoTE supports seed germination, root development and provides key nutrients for plant vigor, improving crop quality and yield.

The chelated form of the trace elements in AminoTE ensures maximum uptake and utilization by plants. This improves plant health, ensures faster growth, and puts plants in a better position to fight disease and other environmental stressors.

AminoTE is easy to apply and can be used on a variety of crops including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals and more. You can choose foliar spray or soil application depending on your specific needs.

With AminoTE, farmers can rest assured that your plants are getting the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth and yield. With continued use of AminoTE, farmers will experience improved plant quality, increased crop yield and a stronger plant immune system.

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Light Brown

Total Amino acid Content



Special Aromatic



Water Solubility


Micro elements




PH Value


Remark: TE could be flexible modified within total amount of 10% as per clients' request.


Amino acid has the functional groups of amino and carboxyl that are the chelating agent for metal ions, which can complex (chelate) metal ions, and it is easy to carry the medium and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, boron, selenium, etc.) required by plants into plants. In this way, plant utilization of various nutrients can be improved. It can be directly absorbed by various organs of plants, passively absorbed or osmotically absorbed under photosynthesis, and obvious effects can be observed in a short period of time after use. At the same time, it can promote the early maturity of crops and shorten the growth cycle.

When the product is absorbed by crops, their physiological and biochemical functions can be strengthened. The stems of the crops are thick, the leaves are thickened, the leaf area is enlarged, the formation and accumulation of dry matter is accelerated, and the crops can mature earlier. Also due to their increased vitality, resistance to cold and drought, resistance to dry and hot wind, and resistance to diseases and insect pests are improved, so as to achieve stable and high yields.


The product can reduce the energy used by plants for their production and translocation. The energy saved can be used by
plants for other vital processes.
it is mainly used for different kinds of agricultural fertilizing fields: fruit, pastures, and horticultural crops, etc;
When blending with chemical fertilizers, utilization rate can be improved, in which the quantity used for fertilizers could be reduced.
Irrigation and foliar spray is recommended for the usage, dilution Rates:
Foliar spray: 1: 600-1000;
Irrigation: 1: 500-600.

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage Available in 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg bag or 600Kg bulk bag;
Storage: Dry, cool, direct sun light proof, moisture proof warehouse;
Shelf life: 36 months.

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