Amino acid Chelate Magnesium (AminoMg)

The product is obtained from hydrolyzed protein. containing free amino acids, total water soluble. It contains plants of medium elements magnesium(10%) as amino acid chelation form.

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AminoMg, a premium crop supplement that provides plants with essential amino acids chelated magnesium for growth and yield. AminoMg contains 25-30% amino acids and 10% chelated magnesium to ensure optimal plant growth and development.

Magnesium plays an important role in the synthesis of chlorophyll, which is essential for photosynthesis and plant growth. At the same time, amino acids are the cornerstones that help plants grow and develop, promote root structure and leaf growth.

AminoMg provides the plants with a potent nutrient solution that is easily absorbed by the plants. Chelation allows magnesium to be absorbed quickly by plants, making this supplement more effective than traditional magnesium supplements.

AminoMg is easy to use and can be applied by foliar spray or soil application depending on the needs of the crop. it helps to enhance plant vigor and growth, promote strong stem and root development, and ultimately result in bountiful crop yields.

In addition to promoting growth and yield, magnesium amide helps plants resist environmental stresses, such as drought and disease. This ensures your crops remain healthy and productive, even in the face of adversity.


Details of Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential element for all green plants because it is a constituent of chlorophyll. Both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b contain magnesium. It can be seen that magnesium plays an important role in photosynthesis of plants. And magnesium is an activator of many enzymes, which can strengthen the enzymatic reaction. Therefore, it plays an important role in promoting carbohydrate metabolism and respiration in crops. Magnesium is closely related to the operation of phosphate in crops. Magnesium ions can not only stimulate the activity of many phosphotransferases, but also act as a carrier of phosphate to promote the operation of phosphate in crops and store it in seeds in the form of phytate.

Magnesium can promote the metabolism of plants, which can make plants grow better and make plants grow stronger. Synthetic protein, magnesium is also one of the raw materials for protein synthesis. If the plant lacks magnesium, the synthesis of chlorophyll will be limited, and the growth of the plant will naturally have problems. Magnesium can inhibit mold. Magnesium can promote the growth of plants and inhibit the survival of mold, so that the growth of plants can be better.

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Crops

When plants are deficient in magnesium, the prominent manifestation is that the content of chlorophyll decreases, and chlorosis occurs. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency often appear first on old leaves and progress to new leaves if supplementation is not available.

Benefits of Amino acid Mg

The nutrients are relatively balanced, and it can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and improve the aggregate structure of the soil. Meanwhile, Amino acid has the functional groups of amino and carboxyl are the chelating agent for metal ions, which can complex (chelate) metal ions, and it is easy to carry magnesium into plants. In this way, plant utilization of various nutrients can be improved. It can be directly absorbed by various organs of plants, passively absorbed or osmotically absorbed under photosynthesis, and obvious effects can be observed in a short period of time after use. At the same time, it can promote the early maturity of crops and shorten the growth cycle.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why AminoMg? Can't we use other kinds of Magnesium related fertilizer?
Yes, it could be. Magnesium as a medium element, always has many different kinds forms, such as MgSO4. AminoMg's most special point is they can directly enter into plants bodies. Since amino acid itself contains, chaletion function. Mg2+ will be chelated by amino acid and enter into plants body to up level the abstraction.

2. How about the lead time?
Normally, samples are around 1 week. Bulk good around 15 working days.

3,Could you make the formula combine Mg with Boron or Calcium?

Yes, we can.


The product can reduce the energy used by plants for their production and translocation. The energy saved can be used by plants for other vital processes.
it is mainly used for different kinds of agricultural fertilizing fields: fruit, pastures, and horticultural crops, etc;
Irrigation and foliar spray is recommended for the usage, dilution Rates:
Foliar spray: 1: 600-1000;
Irrigation: 1: 500-600;

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage Available in 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg bag, jumbo bag;
Storage: Dry, cool, direct sun light proof, moisture proof warehouse;
Shelf life: 36 months.

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