Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Organic liquid fertilizer is a natural plant nutrient that comes in liquid form. G-Teck organic liquid mainly based on the materials of hydrolyzed proteins and ocean biostimulants. It provides important nutrients for plant growth, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It can be applied to the soil or sprayed on plant foliage for quick absorption. Organic liquid fertilizers are eco-friendly and can be used on a wide range of plants. Follow manufacturer instructions for best results.

  • Free Amino LQ

    Free Amino LQ

    Free Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer is a plant nutrient that contains a high concentration of free amino acids of organic origin. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and play a vital role in plant growth and development. These free amino acids are easily absorbed and utilized by plants,providing various benefits.



    COSCA is chitosan oligosaccharide Ca liquid. It is a kind of functional liquid for crop protection.
    chitosan oligosaccharide combining with calcium ions on the plant surface to form a protective film is that the amino functional groups in chitosan oligosaccharide combine with calcium ions on the surface of plant cells to form a stable lipid layer to protect cells and strengthen cell walls. Stability and resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. Blending with Calcium can directly made the process faster and with obvious effects.

  • COS LQ

    COS LQ

    COS is chitosanpro liquid. It is a kind of functional liquid for crop protection. With 100% molecule weight within 500Da, the material can enter into crop body directly. It can be used as nature fungicide.It has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and no side effects, and is widely used in agriculture and food industry. Meanwhile, as a kind of organic fertilizer, it has the effect of root promoting, crop growth regulation effects, etc.,

  • FulviTeck LQ

    FulviTeck LQ

    FulviTeck LQ is an Organic Liquid Humic Acid With Fulvic that made from leonardite mine. Potassium fulvate promotes plant growth and development by providing potassium and other nutrients. It can improve the structure and nutrient content of the soil, and improve the water and nutrient use efficiency of plants. FulviTeck LQ can supplement nutrients to plants through foliar spraying or root application, enhance plant disease resistance, and improve yield and quality. Widely used in agricultural production and horticultural planting.

  • Alga Plus LQ

    Alga Plus LQ

    Alga Plus LQ is the concentrated liquid of Alga Tec LQ, in which the content of seaweed oligosacchride is highly improved into 40%. it is widely recognized and valued as a natural plant nutritional supplement due to its richness in essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins and growth hormones. These nutrients play a vital role in supporting the growth and overall health of plants.

  • Fish Tek 711 LQ

    Fish Tek 711 LQ

    Fish liquid fertilizer, also known as fish emulsion fertilizer, is a type of organic fertilizer derived from fish. The process of creating fish liquid fertilizer adopts cold pressing technology. That has broken down the fish materials in a water-based solution, which helps extract the nutrients. The resulting liquid is then concentrated, standardized, and packaged for use as fertilizer.

  • Alga Tec LQ

    Alga Tec LQ

    Alga Tec LQ is an Organic Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer made from seaweed. It is highly regarded as a natural fertilizer for its rich nutritional content, which includes essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins and growth hormones. These nutrients are beneficial to the growth and development of plants.

  • Liquid Soy 800

    Liquid Soy 800

    Hydrolyzed Protein Based Organic Nitrogen Liquid 8-0-0 is a liquid fertilizer that uses hydrolyzed protein as nitrogen source. It is produced through a process of hydrolysis, which breaks down proteins into their constituent amino acids, making them easier for plants to absorb.