Organic Soil Conditioner

Organic soil conditioner are substances that combines natural materials that are used as organic amendments or soil conditioners, to improve the quality and fertility of soil. they are rich in organic matter and help to enhance soil structure, nutrient content, water holding capacity and microbial activity. The organic soil conditioner is usually applied by incorporating them into the soil before planting or by topdressing the soil around existing plants. Regular application of organic soil amendments can result in healthier soil and better plant growth without the use of synthetic chemicals.

  • Slow Release Organic Fertilizer: Organule No.5

    Slow Release Organic Fertilizer: Organule No.5

    Organule No.5 – game-changing slow-release organic granules designed to revolutionize the way you grow your plants! Our formula is enhanced with a blend of premium organic ingredients including 5% Amino Acids, 15% Humic Acids, 5% NPK and up to 50% Organic Matter, all in a convenient black puck.

  • Organic Soil Conditioner: Organic granules BP

    Organic Soil Conditioner: Organic granules BP

    Organule BP – the ultimate organic slow release granules for your gardening needs. Rich in natural and organic compounds such as Amino Acids, Humic Acids, NPK and Organics, these black spheres provide your plants with all the nutrients they need for optimal long-term growth.