COSCA is chitosan oligosaccharide Ca liquid. It is a kind of functional liquid for crop protection.
chitosan oligosaccharide combining with calcium ions on the plant surface to form a protective film is that the amino functional groups in chitosan oligosaccharide combine with calcium ions on the surface of plant cells to form a stable lipid layer to protect cells and strengthen cell walls. Stability and resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. Blending with Calcium can directly made the process faster and with obvious effects.

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There are calcium ions on the surface of plant cells play an important role in plant physiological processes, including maintaining cell wall stability and promoting plant growth and development. Calcium ions can also participate in the plant's disease resistance response and enhance the plant's resistance to pathogenic microorganisms.

The functional group in chitosan oligosaccharide has affinity and can form a stable combination with calcium ions. When chitosan and calcium ions contact the surface of plant cells, they bond together to form a stable protective film. This layer of protective film can cover the plant cells to protect the cells and prevent the invasion and destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. they can prevent the entry of foreign pathogenic microorganisms, harmful substances and water, and reduce the chance of pathogenic microorganisms invading and infecting. it can also provide additional mechanical strength, increase the stability of the cell wall, make the plant cells more elastic, and resist the pressure of the external environment.

According to the recent research, before harvest spray with the material can effectively last the shelf lives.


COSCA can directly used as nature fungicide or blend with other kinds of pesticides.It is suitable for a wide range of agricultural crops, fruit trees, landscaping, gardening, pastures, grains, and horticultural crops. It can also be used as formula base liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

1, Is there other options of COS content?

Yes, it can be modified;

2, Is the liquid can be directly made into other kinds of formula?

Yes, There are multiple options of the formula, we can also make the formula according to the clients’ requirements.

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage Available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L or 1KL;
Storage: Dry, cool, direct sun light proof, moisture proof warehouse;
Shelf life: 36 months.

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