G-Teck Water Soluble Humic Acid Get Listed on OMRI

G-Teck is proud to announce that we have achieved the highly regarded USDA Certification of Organic Input Materials. This significant recognition highlights our ongoing efforts in sustainable agriculture and demonstrates our unwavering dedication to delivering best-in-class products.
This meticulous evaluation ensures that we strictly adhere to the principles and standards of organic farming in terms of material selection and management. By achieving this certification, we commit to implementing a set of sustainable farming practices designed to protect the environment, increase the quality and longevity of our produce, and mitigate any adverse impacts on crops and soil.
Obtaining certification for organic input materials is a significant achievement for us and symbolizes our unwavering commitment to promoting the advancement of sustainable agriculture. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to fostering environmentally responsible practices and promoting the use of organic materials. Going forward, we will remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, continually raising standards, and striving to produce tough, environmentally friendly agricultural products.
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Post time: Sep-12-2023