G-Tech Nature Fungicide New Products Release

G-Teck is pleased to announce that we have made major breakthrough for chitosan material. thus today we formally push out our new material: Chitosan Pro.

Chitosan Pro is an up leveled Chitosan oligosaccharide, with molecule weight within 500DA. lower molecule weight can help crops to absorb the nutrients faster with more obvious effect.

Chitosan materials have multiple uses and potential benefits. such as Promote plant growth. It can increase plant nutrient absorption capacity and root system development, improve plant stress resistance, and promote plant growth and health.

Antibacterial effect: Chitosan oligosaccharide has good antibacterial properties and can inhibit a variety of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
Therefore, in agricultural production, chitosan oligosaccharides can be used as biopesticides to reduce dependence on chemical pesticides. Enhance plant disease resistance: Chitosan oligosaccharides can also enhance the disease resistance of crop plants.

Preservation treatment: Chitosan oligosaccharide has a good preservation effect, which can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products and reduce food waste.

Chitosan oligosaccharide can form a protective film on the surface of fruits.

The membrane allows the passage of oxygen while blocking the passage of carbon dioxide and water.

Therefore, a large amount of carbon dioxide produced by strawberry respiration accumulates in the membrane.

Which resulting in a relative increase in carbon dioxide concentration and a relative decrease in oxygen concentration.


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Post time: Sep-18-2023