Hydrolised Protein Organic N16 & N17

Organic fertilizer

In 2016, G-Teck achieved global acclaim with a major improvement in organic nitrogen content from around 13.5% to 14-16%. With the continuous growth of market demand, customer feedback hopes that the organic nitrogen content will be stable at 16% or even higher. In order to meet these market demands, G-Teck's production and R&D teams carry out extensive research projects. Finally, in the first month of 2023, a major technological breakthrough has been achieved. As a result, two products were officially released: soybean protein 95 with an organic nitrogen content of 16% and soybean protein 95 with an organic nitrogen content of 17%.

G-Teck's R&D team has invested a lot of time and energy in product research over the years. Their dedication bore fruit with the launch of Soy Protein 95, which quickly gained traction in the market and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. By implementing enzymatic technology, G-Teck is able to optimize the formation of amino acids, resulting in higher concentrations of oligopeptides. The molecular weight of these smaller molecules can reach below 1000DA, making them easily absorbed by crops, thereby enhancing nutrient uptake.

Organic Nitrogen


N16 Label
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Post time: Jan-10-2023