Improvement of Sandy Soils

The sandy heavy soil is generally too loose, leaking water and fertilizer, lack of organic matter, large evaporation, low thermal insulation performance, short fertility, and easy to defertilize in the later stage.
Improvement method:

1. Apply a large number of river mud and pond mud. This is a good way to improve sandy soil. If 75-150 tons of river mud can be applied per hectare, the soil fertility will be greatly improved in a few years;

2. In the spare season between two crops, plant legume vegetables in intercropping and crop rotation to increase humus and nitrogen fertilizer in the soil;

3. For the soil with a thin sand layer, the sand can be pressed in late autumn to mix the clay at the bottom with the sand to reduce its sandiness, and the sandiness can also be reduced by improving the guest soil;

4. A large number of organic granular fertilizers, G-Teck Organules, rich in humic acid, amino acids, organic matter and NPK, are used to increase the amount of sandy land improvement, which can effectively improve the soil and increase the taste and flavor of crops.

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Post time: Dec-04-2023