New Release: Pure Seaweed Oligosaccharides

On January 1, 2024, G-Teck BioScience announced the launch of a breakthrough new material: PURE SEAWEED OLIGOSACCHARIDE, marking the company’s significant progress in the field of organic inputs. With superior performance and innovative material design, G-Teck BioScience will provide users with an unparalleled smart experience.

organic fertilizer

G-Teck uses cutting-edge secondary low-temperature directional bioenzyme hydrolysis technology, membrane filtration and natural antiseptic technology to extract seaweed and natural active substances, which can be directly absorbed by crops. Therefore, pure seaweed oligosaccharides have become the preferred raw material for manufacturers to develop formulations. This innovative material makes it easier to create complex recipes than traditional seaweed because it has higher liquid solubility and can hold more materials.

Meanwhile, it can be directly used as a plant growth regulator in agriculture to promote plant growth, increase crop yield, and improve crop quality and stress resistance. In addition, agricultural seaweed oligosaccharides contribute to soil improvement by enhancing soil structure, fertility and microbial growth.

Direct using should be in large dilution rates:

Foliar spraying: 1:4,200;

Irrigation: 1: 3,700;

Flushing Fertilizer: 1: 3,400

Post time: Jan-02-2024