Seaweed Extract in Promoting Plant Nutrient Absorption

Seaweed extract has antioxidant properties that aid in plant growth and resilience under stressful conditions. It also showed remarkable efficacy in mitigating the effects of plant diseases and pests, indicating its great potential as an environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Promotes plant nutrient absorption

Seaweed oligosaccharides have carboxyl groups, which can be combined with ammonium ions in nitrogen fertilizers to limit the conversion of ammonium nitrogen into nitrate nitrogen. This reduces nitrogen loss and ensures the plant’s long-term nutrient supply.

Low doses of seaweed oligosaccharides can promote the absorption of essential nutrients by plant roots, including N, P, Ca, Mg, Mn, B, Zn and other elements. When combined with urea and superphosphate, seaweed oligosaccharide extract is mixed with potassium chloride (urea to enhance seaweed oligosaccharides) and applied to the soil.

Adding 0.4% seaweed oligosaccharide can enhance corn nitrogen fertilizer. The utilization rate of potassium fertilizer and phosphorus fertilizer increased by 49.59%, 24.30% and 52.85% respectively, and the quality and yield of corn increased by 16.45% and 13.75% respectively.



Seaweed oligosaccharide-enhancing urea was applied to rapeseed, fennel and cucumber. N use efficiency and yield were significantly higher in leaf and nightshade fruits and vegetables but not in root vegetables compared to controls. Seaweed oligosaccharides were found to enhance the activities of plant leaf cells, including nitrate reductase, glutamine synthetase, and glutamate dehydrogenase, thereby improving nitrogen metabolism and protein synthesis, with cumulative effects on plant growth.

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Post time: Aug-04-2023