The Effect of Chitosan Oligosaccharide Used as Natural Fungicide

Chitosan oligosaccharides are widely used as natural fungicides in the field of agriculture. Prevent and fight disease, this mainly includes induction of disease resistance, broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, and antiviral activity.

It has antibacterial effect, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and has a good antibacterial effect on some common plant pathogenic bacteria. it can improve plant immunity, induce plant defense responses, and enhance plant resistance to pathogenic bacteria.

Chitosan Oligosaccharide can combine with anions on the surface of microorganisms to destroy the structure and function of microbial cell membranes, resulting in the death of microorganisms.

Experimental summary of chitosan oligosaccharides in plant pest control effects

Crops Virus Virus Attribution Prevention and Control Effect
Virus Fungi Bacteria
Tobacco Mosaic,Potato Y virus disease Y 76.49% ~ 87.5%
Herbal medicine
Panax notoginseng
Virus Disease Y Above 90%
Tulip Downy Mildew Y 84.3% ~ 88.7%
Tomato Early and late blight,
Virus disease,Wilt
Y Y Y 84.51% ~ 88.23%
Cucumber Downy Mildew Y 79% ~ 82.67%
Chili pepper Virus Disease,Blight,
Anthrax,Epidemic Disease
Y Y 78.6% ~ 90%
Eggplant Virus Disease Y 93% ~ 100%
Cabbage Soft Rot Y 78.6% ~ 85%
Cauliflower Black Rot Y 63.6% ~ 64.3%
Papaya Mosaic Y 71% ~ 96.3%
Watermelon Virus Disease,Vine Blight,Blight Y Y 82.1% ~ 85.4%
Melon Powdery Mildew Y 71.5% ~ 86.3%
Banana Bundle Apocrosis Y 83.8% ~ 94.6%
Apple Mosaic,Black Heart Disease Y 77% ~ 94%
Soyal Bean Virus Disease Y 75% ~ 100%
Cotton Verticillium wilt Y 85.6% ~ 87.3%
Corn Silk Smut,Large and small spots Y 30% ~ 45.4%
Rice Rice Blast Y 71.4% ~ 92%
Peanuts Virus Disease Y 24~ 26.6%

Post time: Aug-03-2023