Turkey Strong Earthquake G-Teck Donated Relief Materials

On February 6, 2023, two consecutive 7.8-magnitude earthquakes occurred in Turkey, causing heavy casualties and extensive property damage. The intensity of the vibration was astounding. At present, the death toll has exceeded 3,000 people, many houses have been reduced to ruins, and emergency rescue work is needed to rescue more survivors.

G-Teck General Manager Bob and Director Jason quickly contacted friends in the Turkish to organize fundraising to purchase related materials. And sent to the front line as soon as possible. Earthquake relief, without delay!


At present, the disaster area provided a list of material needed:

Blanket, Sleeping bag, Furnace/Heater, Warm coat, Scarf,hat, Gloves, Boots/Winter Shoes, Juice,Canned food, Milk (UHT), Raincoat, Power Bank, Diaper, Flashlight,Battery;

First aid kit, women's sanitary napkin, First aid medicines: insulin, antibiotics, pain relievers, eye drops, etc.

"Earthquake relief is urgent. We should do what we can." ---- BOB General Manager
"True love will last forever, may God bless the people in the disaster area." Jason Global Division Director

Feedback from the front:

Feed Back from Front Feb. 8th.

We just received news from the front line that baby diapers and baby food are urgently needed, so we immediately went to buy 100 packs of diapers and more than 100 baby food delivered today. Supplies began to run tight.

Post time: Feb-07-2023