USDA Organic Input Material Certification

G-Teck is excited to announce that we have been awarded the USDA Organic Input Material Certification. This certification signifies our ongoing efforts in the field of sustainable agriculture and our commitment to providing high-quality products.

The Organic Input Material Certification is a rigorous evaluation process designed to ensure that the materials we use comply with the standards and principles of organic agriculture. This includes the use and management of various agricultural inputs. By obtaining this certification, we agree to adopt a set of organic farming best practices to help protect the environment, improve the quality and sustainability of agricultural products, and minimize negative impacts on crops and soil.

Obtaining the Organic Input Material Certification is not an easy task. It is the result of our team’s years of dedication and hard work. We have always strived to seek and utilize the purest and highest-quality agricultural inputs to ensure our products meet international organic farming standards.

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Furthermore, we have invested significant resources in enhancing employee awareness and understanding, training them in the best practices of organic agriculture. We value employee engagement and collaboration to ensure that our products and production processes align with certification requirements to the fullest extent possible.

The achievement of the Organic Input Material Certification is a significant milestone for us. It demonstrates our long-standing efforts and commitment to promoting sustainable agricultural development. We will continue to raise our own standards and strive to produce more durable and environmentally-friendly agricultural products.

We proudly display this certification mark and will continue to take a series of actions in collaboration with partners in the agricultural industry to drive the realization of sustainable agriculture. We look forward to further enhancing public trust and recognition of our products through this certification.

Post time: Aug-08-2023