Plant Source Fulvic Acid Fertility: Potassium Fulvate

This product is a water-soluble powder mainly derived from cornstalks and other plants. This bionutrient contains a balanced mix of nutrients that dissolves, transforms and chelates trace minerals, making them highly accessible to plants, especially through the root system. The product is recommended for long-term use as it provides a stable source of nutrients for plants and soil microbes, while also helping to improve air and water retention in the soil.

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The mechanism of bio potassium fulvic acid in agricultural planting has many aspects, such as: 1,promote the development of plant roots, it can help plants better absorb nutrients and water in the soil, improving drought tolerance and stress resistance of plants.
2, The organic substances in BioPotasium fulvate can stimulate the growth of plant roots, increase root length and branching, increase the density of root hairs, and improve the absorption function of roots.
3, Promote plant nutrient absorption and utilization: The organic acid in BioPotasium fulvate can form complexes with mineral elements in the soil, making it easier for plants to absorb.
4, Promote the activity of soil microorganisms: BioPotasium fulvate, as an organic fertilizer, can provide nutrients and energy sources for soil microorganisms, and promote the reproduction and activities of beneficial microorganisms.
5, Improve soil properties: BioPotasium fulvate has good water and fertilizer retention properties, which can increase the water and fertilizer retention capacity of the soil. It can adsorb the soil particles in the soil, improve the texture and structure of the soil, increase the porosity and aeration of the soil, and benefit the growth of the root system and gas exchange. At the same time, BioPotasium fulvate can also reduce the loss and excretion of fertilizers and reduce environmental pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1, Is the material can be used for fertilizing directly?
Yes, It could be made into formula with many different kinds of materials;

2, How about the lead time?
3~4 weeks.


BioPotasium fulvate is suitable for a variety of crops, especially fruit trees, vegetables, crops, etc., and the fertilization effect is remarkable. It can improve soil fertility, promote plant growth and development, enhance stress resistance, and improve fruit quality. In addition, biochemical potassium fulvic acid can also improve soil structure, increase soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, and improve soil health. Therefore, biochemical potassium fulvate has a significant effect on improving the quality and yield of various crops.

Dilution Rates:
Foliar spray: 1: 1500-1: 2000;
Root irrigation: 1: 1200-1: 1500

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage Available in 20Kg bag or Super sack;
Storage: Dry, cool, direct sun light proof, moisture proof warehouse;
Shelf life: 36 months.

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